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I love the foam roller length techniques in MELT but I also like the myofascial release approach with tennis balls which makes this more portable when people travel.Or, bend it in front of you to unload some of your body weight and provide better balance.This book will tell you everything you need to know to get started using the MELT Method to relieve chronic pain using MELT soft balls and the soft body roller.I first tried MELT after reading research (read article) about how fascia, a type of connective tissue, may be the source of pain in Fibromyalgia.MELT equipment is available to purchase for continuing the MELT Method at home.At Precision Pilates, we have two certified MELT instructors who can help you with pain in your joints or connective tissues.It was developed by gifted bodyworker, researcher, and bestselling author Sue Hitzmann, to simulate the amazing results she offered her clients using the gentle touch of her hands.

MELT is a method of self treatment to alleviate the pain and the stresses placed on the body in day-to-day activities.The program revolves around a series of movements you perform with an implement like a ball or a foam roller.She is eager to share MELT to help people feel better and increase their enjoyment of life through ease and comfort in daily living and movement activities.

MELT ROLLER The MELT Method uses a specially designed soft body roller to simulate the results of hands-on manual therapy treatments.

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MELT uses a soft foam roller and small balls to lengthen and hydrate the connective tissue and balance the nervous system.The MELT Method (MELT) is a simple self-treatment that reduces chronic pain and helps you stay healthy, youthful, and active for a lifetime.She helps clients learn MELT techniques using the MELT roller and small balls.

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Yet these are manual therapy treatment equipment that when used with the MELT Method easy to do treatment plans, the body reacts in a positive manner as the inflammation is reduced, organ function is stimulated, the neck and lower back gets.Melt away tension and tight places with a foam roller and balls.Watch step-by-step tutorials, 8 mix-and-match sequences, and 3 full classes using the MELT Soft Roller.Through a carefully coordinated series of movements and the use of specially designed balls and a soft roller, the MELT Method rehydrates the connective tissue (also known as fascia), rebalances the nervous system, and restores space to compressed joints.

MELT creates a strong, flexible body that maintains its upright.

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At the JCC in Manhattan, Sue Hitzmann, right, creator of the MELT method, uses rollers and balls to manipulate connective tissue.

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Both Kerwin and Kalis are also certified Pilates instructors and they combine techniques to help clients in private sessions and small group classes.With only 10 minutes 3 times a week the Melt Method will help you stay healthy, youthful, balanced and active for a life time.

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In this 90-minute class Nicole will introduce the MELT Method, a unique self-treatment approach that uses small MELT Hand and Foot Balls and specialized soft foam rollers and to simulate the results of manual therapy.

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The exercises are designed to stimulate the nervous system, break up internal scar tissue,and relax the muscles.

Your top leg can be in line with the bottom leg if you want a lot of pressure.

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The MELT Method MELT makes use of soft foam rollers and small hand and foot balls to rehydrate the connective tissue, rebalance the nervous system, and release joint compression that contributes to chronic pain, inflammation, and discomfort.

Some of the individual techniques are better in one, some in the other method.We are taking MELT-ing to the next level by bringing you The MELT Method Roller class with Nicole Elysian.

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MELT combines various techniques using foam rollers and balls to facilitate a natural balance and state for the body.I find the TBMM process more systematic and love the stretching components.

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This 90-minute class will introduce the MELT Method, a unique self-treatment approach that uses specialized soft foam rollers and small MELT Hand and Foot Balls to simulate the results of manual therapy.

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Basically, it involves pressing the little Melt Method balls into the soles of your feet and your hands to rehydrate your connective tissue.MELT is a simple self-treatment method that eliminates chronic pain.