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Now the outrageous price for a paint protection or interior package is definately not worth the paying.The service interval is about 18K miles depending on how you drive, but with the service plan you get yearly oil changes etc if you want them.

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The owner of this tanzanite blue BMW M3 was determined to protect his new purchase, so booked it in for our ultimate new car protection package which consists of our Gtechniq CS Black New Car Protection Detail combined with our Ultimate Paint Protection Film.You can pick the most exotic package with the best features and for 5-15 bucks take it home and put it on yourself on a nice day.

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Ceramic Pro is the ultimate paint protection for your vehicle.

We would love to help you add value to your car if you are reselling, or if you have a new car we can give it that extra paint or rust protection.This film is designed to save cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and other types of vehicles protecting against day to day paint damages.Knew they would try to sell me the undercoating, gel coating and interior scotchgard package.

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Get more out of your new vehicle with a Protection Package from MR. DETAIL. It will help safeguard the vehicle from the onset of rust under the vehicle, in the door panels and keep the paint shining.

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The new car protection package is a service that allows brand new cars that have never been properly detailed before to have factory imperfections removed.Our Ceramic Pro Silver package is an excellent value and very popular.

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Edmonton New Car Protection Package Keep that new-car-feeling with our complete new car protection package.The film does a good job of protecting the paint, but it means the paint will fade unevenly on the car.

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These things will significantly damage many painted, chrome, and acrylic vehicle surfaces.

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Image Result For New Car Paint Protection Package Related images to new car paint protection package.And since I live in Calif I do not have to worry about road salts and sanding for snow eating my car under-body away.What is your thinking on Auto Armor, the rust proofing and paint protection package.

Included in all Ming Shine Paint Protection packages is a Ming Windsheild Treatment.Leather and vinyl surfaces are also vulnerable during this time.

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Yahoo Finance released a report of 5 add ons consumers should NOT purchase when buying a new car.Have you just purchased a new car or have a car you want protected.

It can be applied to all glass and mirrors, keeping your surfaces clean and pristine.A quality film will prevent rock chips, resist chemical stains and etching, guard against oxidation, and even self-heal from small scratches and disfigurements.