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In a sense it is, but in another it is also a drama, adventure and thriller.

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Jaws was a maga-hit aquatic horror movie that helped usher in the era of summer blockbusters and made director Steven Spielberg a household name, and even though the Jaws movies declined in popularity and quality as they went along, they still remain culturally significant today.I spent the day traveling to Virginia and as I drove further and further south, I had flashbacks to scenes from Wrong Turn (2003) and Jeepers Creepers (2001).Jaws is an American film franchise that consists of a novel, four films, a theme park ride, and other tie-in merchandise.

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Synopsis: The sons of police chief Brody must protect civilians at a SeaWorld theme park after a 35-foot shark becomes trapped in the park with them.It is based on the 1974 Jaws by Peter Benchley and premiered in the United States to limited release on June 20th, 1975.

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What makes the suspense-building chords of the famous Jaws theme so scary.The greate white shark has to be more realistic in the movie and better.The actors have to be real good at acting the part for a horror movie dos not look like a comedy if there is going to be a jaws movie remake it has to be the right actor that fit the parts for this movie if its not about the shark.

And, as the years go by, it seems increasingly unlikely that.

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Director Nicolas Pesce scored an indie hit in 2016 with The Eyes of My Mother.

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The Collider Staff explores the 50 best horror movies of the 1980s, from genre-shattering masterworks from A-list directors to beloved slashers to C.H.U.D.s.A new study has found a connection between horror movie music and the screeches of young frightened.

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Jaws is an American natural horror film series that started with a 1975 film that expanded into three sequels, a theme park ride, and other tie-in merchandise, based on a 1974 novel.

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From classic jumps to psychological horror, these films might just keep you awake at night.

JAWS 2 is an all-too-typical example of a sequel not being anywhere near as good as the original, something done more because it was a chance to continue the money-making of the first movie.But the decade also unleashed cinematic oddities galore, most of which were.

Synopsis: Police chief Brody must protect the citizens of Amity after a second monstrous shark begins terrorizing the waters.First, I will intend to take you on a brief journey through the horror genre and the conventions that have been associated with this type of film.Demian Bichir, Andrea Riseborough, and Lin Shaye to star while Sam Raimi will produce.

This film has different characters and a different protagonist instead of copying the original 1975 Jaws film.I would say that Jaws is actually many types of movie all rolled into one.But I think they are right in labeling the movie with these genres, because horror movies seek to scare the audience.

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Released on June 20, 1975, the film is the first film in the franchise, followed by Jaws 2 on June 16, 1978.Directed by Jeannot Szwarc, it stars Roy Scheider as Police Chief Martin Brody, who must deal with another great white shark terrorizing the waters of Amity Island, a fictional seaside resort.

Starring Dennis Quaid, P.H. Moriarty, Simon MacCorkindale, Melody Gold, Will Knickerbocker.But as a cultural phenomenon, the real story of Jaws is how a B-movie-style creature-feature became a genre-defining blockbuster that changed the face of modern cinema.

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Starring Roy Scheider, Robin Eddins, Jeffrey Kramer, Fritzi Jane Courtney, Lorraine Gary.A realistic take on the Jaws phenomenon (the film is based on a distressing. seems to be a common theme among aquatic-themed horror movies.When it comes to this kind of thriller, no movie has been able to top Jaws, although many have tried.